Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Music Saves: Frances Eby's Morrissey Covers

Marriage is about compromise. Lucky for me, my wife is just about perfect, so this part comes easy. But there is a but - a huge, big but. She's not exactly fond of Morrissey. And as anyone who loves Morrissey can attest, or even those who have witnessed us Morrissey diehards at his concerts, this is no good. To us few, fond of the Moz, his awesomeness isn't a matter of opinion. It's not up for discussion. Moz's awesomeness is an empirical fact, supported by just about every song in his repertoire going back to when he was with The Smiths. All of this is to say: my lovely wife, sweet love of my life, wonderful mother of our children, is simply flat out wrong. Over the years, I've been spectacularly unsuccessful in getting her to hear it my way. So sadly, Morrissey only comes on through my headphones or when I'm driving solo or with just the kids. They're early converts, by the way, my sweat, beautiful, little, well- musically calibrated offspring. That said, we had somewhat of a breakthrough a few years ago. You see, both of us - having attended and met at the University of South Carolina - are fond of Hootie and the Blowfish (please, now is not the time to judge). Turns out, Hootie nails a cover of The Smith's "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want." Please take a second to appreciate the irony in the song title. And, bless her little South Carolina-educated heart, my wife loves the cover. So here's where the compromise part comes in: She's okay with Morrissey songs, as long as he's not the one singing them. Fair enough. I can work with that. So this past weekend, I went on a hunt for Morrissey covers. Downloaded a few on iTunes. But I couldn't find a good cover of one of my favorite Moz songs, "My Love Life," until I found Frances Eby on YouTube. Not only did I love her many Morrissey covers, but I loved that she completely surprised me. Truth be told, I was simply not expecting her to be this damn good. Enjoy.

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