Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miami Art Rawkers Pretty Please Throw Themselves CD Launch Party

Miami art rawkers Pretty Please shelved the acrimony and reunited with singer Bianca Pupo just in time to release their self-titled debut CD. With their spectacular kaleidoscopic imagery projected on a large screen behind them--which luckily accentuated their performance rather than took away from it-- and their blend of dense, dark pop ditties, the Awarehouse Art Gallery proved the ideal location for their confluence of art and music. There was a palpable, nervous energy stemming from Pupo's recent return to the band after a very public, contentious departure. But that energy fueled the musicians. It translated into their performance of a lifetime. You sensed you were witnessing something special, something more than a concert by a homegrown pool of local musicians. For this night, the stars that make up Pretty Please aligned, but hopefully unlike astronomy this event is not transient or temporary. Hopefully, the musicians realize what their fans have known all along: when they put the drama aside, they are a musical tour de force.